2014-2015 Collaboration with the City of Bangor

Revitalizing Bangor: Keeping Professionals in Central Maine

Cameron Huston, Sarah Nicols, Spencer Warmuth, Gareth Warr

This year-long study was conducted in collaboration with City Councilors Gibran Graham and Ben Sprague. Students in Professor Rob Glover’s Practicum in Engaged Policy Studies worked with Councilors Graham over the course of the year to frame the question, strategize about how to collect relevant data, execute the project and present results to the Bangor City Council, as well as distribute the report to relevant stakeholders at the University of Maine and the greater Bangor area more broadly. The central question of the project is what factors drive recent graduates graduating from the University of Maine to stay in the region. In addition to collaborating with the City of Bangor, we worked with The University of Maine Alumni Association and the Bangor Daily News to target a sample of current students, and alumni who had stayed within the region. The links below will take you to research reports and presentations produced as a result of the project.

Revitalizing Bangor: Keeping Professional in Central Maine-FULL REPORT

Revitalizing Bangor-Powerpoint Presentation

Revitalizing Bangor-Trifold “Executive Summary” Brochure 

Student Presentation before Bangor City Council (April 27, 2015)

 Student Op/Ed in the Bangor Daily News (May 12, 2015)

Professor Glover’s piece in the Bangor Daily News (May 22, 2015)