Political Science 2013 Summer Online Courses

Summer online courses can be a great way to fulfill your UMaine degree requirements in a flexible way during the summer months. This summer the Political Science Department will be offering a several courses. Registration for summer courses can be done at the same time as registration for fall.

Here’s what we will be offering.

POS 100: AMERICAN GOVERNMENT (Richard Powell. rpowell@maine.edu)

Introduces the major principles, structures, processes and policies of United States government.  Covers the Constitution and its development, civil liberties, federalism, the role of political parties and interest groups, and the nature of the presidency, the bureaucracy, the Congress and the national courts. Fulfills Gen Ed requirements for Social Contexts & Institutions and is a required course for all POS majors. Course runs June 3-July 12.

POS 201: INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL THEORY (Robert Glover. robert.glover@maine.edu)

An introduction to the fundamental questions of political philosophy–what is justice” how ought we to live our lives” what is the best regime”–through detailed study of a few central books in the history of political thought, such as Plato’s Republic and Machiavelli’s Prince. Fulfills Gen Ed requirement in Ethics or Western Cultural Tradition, as well as a Political Theory requirement in POS major. Course runs June 3-21 2013.

POS 241: INTRODUCTION TO COMPARATIVE POLITICS (Howard Cody. howard.cody@umit.maine.edu)
Provides an introduction to the major themes of comparative politics, including: comparative political legacies, processes of modernization, comparative governmental institutions, modern political parties and interest groups, comparative policymaking processes, and problems of establishing and maintaining democratic government. Fulfills Gen Ed requirement Cultural Diversity & International Perspectives or Social Contexts & Institutions, as well as a Comparative Politics requirement in the POS major. Course runs July 8-26.

POS 359: THE POLITICS OF SPORT (Mark Brewer. Mark_Brewer@umit.maine.edu)

Satisfies an American Politics major requirement in POS. Course runs July 8-26.

POS 363: URBAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS (Mark Brewer. Mark_Brewer@umit.maine.edu)

Examines the politics and government of urban areas in the United States, in both historical and contemporary contexts.  Topics of investigation and discussion include (but are not limited to): the functions and roles of American cities, the responsibilities of urban governments, the issue of power in the metropolis, the American federal system and urban governance, race, ethnicity, and class in urban America, and the challenges facing contemporary urban society. Fulfills Gen Ed requirement for Social Contexts & Institutions, as well as an American Politics requirement in the POS major. Course runs May 13-31.

POS 368: CHINA (Richard Powell. rpowell@maine.edu)

Perhaps no other country is as important as China to the course of the U.S. and the world in the 21st century. This course is a comprehensive look at the politics of China and its relations with the rest of the world, as well as some of the critical problems it currently faces. Professor Powell lived and taught in China in 2010 and has many observations and stories to share from my time in this fascinating country. Course runs June 3-July 12.We hope you will consider these courses when preparing your summer schedule. Please be sure to email the instructor with any questions you may have about these courses.