a blurry black and photo photograph that may be an altered X-Ray of a man's face
Ezra Pound and History (1985)
A yellow background with red words that read "A Companion to the Cantos of Ezra Pound" written boldly in the center
A Companion to the Cantos of Ezra Pound (1985)
two thirds of the book cover are pieces of art from renaissance periods. The image on top is a woman dancing on top of a ram with two men at her side.
Fugue and Fresco: Structures in Pound’s Cantos (1984)
a white background with various forms of coins across history surrounding the title
History of Monetary Systems (1983)
A hand drawing of a Chinese cliffside on a pink background, a cherry blossom branch peaks out from the right and reaches out into the center of the drawing.
Blossoms From the East: The Chinese Cantos of Ezra Pound (1983)
a peach background and at it's center a medieval drawing of a man inside an abstract frame
Il Miglior Fabbro: The Cult of the Difficult in Daniel, Dante, and Pound (1982)
a hand drawing of Ezra Pound in orange pencil on a white background
Pound’s Letters to Ibbotson, 1935-1952, ed. Vittoria I (1979)
a black and white cover of Ezra Pound's Cantos The Story of the Text, with the National Poetry Foundation's logo, a barbito
Ezra Pound’s Cantos: The Story of the Text, 1948-1975 (1979)
a blue center box with the title's text with a decorative gold roman border around it
John Adams Speaking: Pound’s Sources for the Adams Cantos (1975)
a white background with the title that reads "Dante and Pound: The Epic of Judgement" at it's center
Dante and Pound: The Epic of Judgement (1974)