How can student research and development help them and our economy prosper?

Conducting research with global impact and local relevance is a quintessential service of the University of Maine. Out of all university research conducted in Maine, 89% occurs here, and the insight and innovation it yields annually benefit hundreds of businesses. Research funding in 2023 reached an all time high of close to $190 million.

In recent years, more of UMaine’s research has been executed by undergraduate and graduate students, work that provides the knowledge and skill sets needed for the modern workforce. Opportunities for undergraduate students to conduct R&D, in particular, continue to grow. Funding support for these activities from sponsored research projects has risen 118% since 2017.  

In this episode of “The Maine Question” podcast, we delve into UMaine”s research enterprise and explore how students can grow their skill sets and resume, and bolster the state’s economy and workforce, through conducting R&D.