Hao Hong

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Honors

Ph.D., Philosophy (minor in the history and philosophy of science), Indiana University

M.A., Philosophy, Peking University

B.A., Philosophy and Economics, Peking University

Hao Hong specializes in metaphysics in both contemporary analytic philosophy and classical Chinese philosophy. He is interested in topics of grounding, properties, modality, and those that lie at the intersection of metaphysics and philosophy of language such as truthmaking, the nature of propositions, and ineffability. An important aim of his research is to find ways to integrate theoretical resources from different philosophical traditions into a unified framework which helps us understand a philosophical topic better. He is currently working on a series of papers on Daoist metaphysics, exploring the ontological nature of the Dao, the ineffability of the Dao, and the relationship between them.

At UMaine, Hao teaches courses in metaphysics, Chinese philosophy, logic, and history of modern philosophy. Outside of philosophy, Hao enjoys hiking, rock music, art film, and watching sports.

For more information on his research and teaching, please click here (https://hao-hong.github.io).