NaPoWriMo: On developing an interview task

It’s National Poetry Writing Month, and we at UMaine PERL have decided to engage, each in our own way.

As I sat to write the question I remembered his suggestion,
And I thought of what he mentioned ere the meeting was adjourned:
“This,” he said was of great import, to which I promptly did retort,
“How then could we help support the lesson that we hoped they’d learned?”
Sitting, thinking, all a-wonder, ’bout the topic that was under
Consideration. Lest I blunder, to the research then I turned.
Luckily did I soon find, a revelation of the mind
Which was of the peculiar kind that cannot be quickly spurned.
Informed was I of what was needed to ensure they all succeeded.
All my hopes have been exceeded; honor will I surely earn.

———- Trevor I. Smith