Manogue and Dray visiting PERL

The UMaine PERL is pleased to be hosting Corinne Manogue and Tevian Dray, from Oregon State University.  They are the architects of two major curricular reform/overhaul projects:  Paradigms in Physics and the Vector Calculus Bridge project.

Their interests are in exploring the way mathematics is taught and used in physics and physical sciences.  We are looking forward to several conversations about teaching math in physics and in math, and comparing our research results with their curricular efforts and observations, and exchanging ideas about pedagogy in upper-division physics.

They will be at UMaine from January 20 to February 4 (weather permitting).  They have given a PERL group meeting, are leading a PERL group journal discussion, and are scheduled to give a seminar Monday January 25 as part of our Center for Science and Mathematics Education Research.  Other seminars may be scheduled as time and availability permits.