Employee Awards

The Professional Employees Advisory Council (“PEAC”) seeks to raise the awareness of the campus community about the contributions that professional employees (both represented and non-represented) make to the quality, diversity, and overall mission of the University of Maine. One award will be given to a professional employee whose actions and achievements beyond normal work responsibilities have provided outstanding service to their field, the University of Maine, and the community as a whole.  In recognition of the employee’s accomplishments and contributions, a cash stipend of $1,000 is presented to the recipient.

A professional employee must be nominated by another University of Maine employee.  In order to be eligible for consideration, each nominee must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • the nominee is a current professional employee;
  • the nominee has served the University of Maine a minimum of 3 continuous years; and
  • the nominee is not a past recipient of the award.

Selection of award recipients will be based upon the nomination submittals that best reflect the following criteria:

  1. Demonstrating a dedication to serving others.
  2. Maintaining the highest level of professional services and standards within their disciplines or areas of responsibility.
  3. Helping to create a better campus environment for students, faculty, and staff.
  4. Have demonstrated public service through significant contributions to:
    • their field (e.g., professional associations, committees, and boards)
    • the University of Maine (e.g., university committees and councils), and
    • their community (e.g., schools, nonprofit organizations, and government).

The professional employee will be selected by the Professional Employees Advisory Council. The award will be presented at the Employee Recognition and Awards Ceremony.

Click here to download the Nomination Form

Please contact Michael Swartz at 581.2624 or at michael.swartz@maine.edu for more information.