Maine Public interviews Puhlman about Parenting Relationships Research Lab

Daniel Puhlman, assistant professor of family studies, spoke to Maine Public about the launch of the Parenting Relationships Research Lab at University of Maine. “Basically what we’re doing is we’re processing data, we’re having lab meetings where we’re talking about research studies, we’re doing collaborative work. So it’s really a think tank, so to speak,” said Puhlman, who started the lab located in Merrill Hall. He added that he hopes to connect parents with practitioners and other professionals who work with children and families. One area Puhlman said he hopes to focus on is co-parenting, in which parents, or a parent and another individual, such as a grandparent, work together to raise children. “There’s some observational work that’s being done, but, you know, advancing that, and doing more of that would be really helpful to the field,” Puhlman said.