Fun and Games

Games are a great way to build fitness, improve skills, and have fun. Sometimes you’re having so much fun you don’t even realize how hard you’re working.


Game: Froccer – This game is geared towards middle school students on snowshoes. However, it could also be played with older students and on xc skis, if you’d like! 

Before you jump right into the game, try these warm-ups:

  1. First put your snowshoes on and try jogging in them.
  2. Grab a frisbee and try throwing it to a partner.
  3. Try making a goal in an empty net.

Winter Environmental Education

What can you learn about the places you explore? Knowing more about the natural history of areas can add a lot of fun to your experience outdoors. Even during the quiet and snowy wintertime, there’s plenty of things to look for! 

Use this checklist to record what you find on your own walk in the winter woods:

Winter Woods Scavenger Hunt

XC Ski Ball

This is a great game for skiers of any skill level. All you need are a few people for each team and an open area and you are ready to go!

XC Ski Ball

group of skiers at start of xc ski race

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