Submit Under PI Credentials

The link to the submission portal required for your grant will be specified in the solicitation, along with its web address.  The solicitation may also contain instructions for registering/ submitting, but sometimes you will need to actually go to the portal and find the instructions pages separately.  ALL proposal submissions, regardless of sponsor, must go through ORA.  Do NOT create your own account on a submission portal without checking with our office first.  Some sponsors only allow one account per institution, which gets tricky for ORA to set up if a faculty or staff member has already created a “personal” account and associated it with UM, rather than using a single organizational login.  SOME portals are actually designed for PI/ grad student submission.  In these cases, we ask that you contact ORA to make sure that the submission is reviewed by ORA prior to submission.  Often this means setting up a meeting with ORA staff to submit your proposal, or if the PI is not available for an in-person meeting, other arrangements can be made (screen shots, Word docs of information that will be cut and pasted into the portal, etc).