Rental-Lease of Facilities & Equipment


Rental/Lease of Facilities and Equipment fees are generally allowable for reasonable costs (subject to the limitations on leases given in the Uniform Guidance, Section 200.465 a-c6) when incurred specifically for the sponsored project.

The rental cost of any property owned by any individual or entities affiliated with the University of Maine System, including home office space, is unallowable.

Accounting for Rental/Lease of Facilities and Equipment: 

In some situations, it is more economical to rent equipment than to purchase it.  The payments should be not be listed under equipment but rather shown as rent and budgeted under the following account codes:

60800 Rentals & Leases
60801 Building/Facilities Rental
60802 Equipment & Machine Rental
60803 Vehicles Rental
60804 Boat Rental
60805 Equipment Leasing

 Per the University of Maine System federally negotiated F&A rate agreement, Rental/Lease of Facilities and Equipment are excluded from F&A cost recovery.  Account codes 60800-60805 are masked from F&A cost recovery calculations when used in the General Ledger.  

Additional Notes:

  • In general, the rental costs for facilities and equipment applicable to each budget period should be charged to that period.
  • The usage of University of Maine System owned facilities and equipment are not accounted for as rental costs. University owned facilities and equipment are subject to F&A.  These usage or service fees should be accounted for using the following applicable account codes.
61400      In-State travel using motor pool vehicles
61500      Out-of State travel using motor pool vehicles
61600      International travel using motor pool vehicles
61008      Interdepartmental services including equipment use fees or other vehicle use (airplane or boat)

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