Proposal Timeline-Less than $2 Million in Total Project Costs

*Total Project Costs include sponsor request and cost share*


  • Notice of Intent submitted through PARS.

15 days* 

  • Draft budget, justification, abstract.
    • If subawards are included, budget, justification, Scope of Work and indirect costs rate agreements are due at this time.
    • If cost share is proposed, the draft budget must include proposed cost share amounts and must identify sources on the cost share sources tab.

10 days – If proposal has cost sharing

  • PARS routing initiated with ORA approved budget and budget justification.

5 days

  • Working draft of all package forms and attachments; narrative not required.
  • Final budget approved and PARS routing initiated for all proposals.
  • Completed subrecipient commitment forms, if applicable.
  • Significant FCOI disclosure form submitted to the Office of Research Compliance (if applicable)

3 days

  • FINAL proposal package (including final narrative,) for submission.
  • PARS fully approved.  (No changes may be made to the proposal package after this point.)

* Note that “days” means “business days prior to desired submission date”.