Proposal Timeline Exceeding $2 Million in Total Project Costs

*Total Project Costs include sponsor request and cost share*


  • Notice of Intent submitted through PARS
  • List of PIs, Co-PIs and named senior personnel provided to ORA proposal staff

15 days*:  Draft budget, justification, abstract. If subawards are included, budget, justification, Scope of Work and indirect costs rate agreements are due at this time. If cost share is proposed, the draft budget must include proposed cost share amounts and must identify sources on the cost share sources tab.

10 days:

  • PARS routing initiated with ORA approved budget and budget justification
  • Completed subrecipient forms are due
  • Current and pending forms for all senior personnel forwarded to ORA proposal staff for review

7 days:

  • All revisions to current and pending forms complete and approved by ORA Director.
  • Draft narrative provided to proposal staff for inclusion in package for the President’s approval

5 days: Working draft of all package forms and attachments

  • Significant FCOI disclosure form submitted to the Office of Research Compliance (if applicable)

3 days: FINAL proposal package (including final narrative,) for submission. PARS fully approved.  No changes may be made to the proposal package after this point.

* Note that “days” means “business days prior to desired submission date”.  

For proposals exceeding $2M in total project costs, all deadlines must be strictly adhered to in order to give upper administration adequate time to fully review and endorse your submission.  If one of these key deadlines is not met, permission from the Director or Associate of ORA must be granted in order for the proposal to move forward.