Proposal Preparation and Submission

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) is the authorized organization representative for all proposals being submitted to sponsors external to the University of Maine. As such, the majority of proposals being submitted by UMaine faculty and staff, regardless of rank type such as lead institution or subaward, will need to be reviewed and approved by ORA.

Below are the essential steps for preparing and submitting a proposal.

  • Submit a Notice of Intent in the Proposal Approval Routing System (PARS)*
  • Work with the assigned ORA staff to develop a budget, budget justification, and abstract.
  • Route the full proposal through PARS after budget approval from ORA
  • Work with ORA staff to prepare the proposal package
  • Submit to sponsor

Proposal type will determine the applicable ORA submission timeline. Please refer to the links below for more information.

Register for the proposal approval routing system (PARS) and complete CITI financial conflict of interest training (this is needed to gain access to PARS)