Grant Transfer Process to Another Institution

Transferring an award from the University to another institution begins by contacting the Office of Research Administration at at least 90 days prior to the desired transfer date.  ORA will provide guidance and will coordinate the transfer with the sponsor and the PI’s new institution.   In order to facilitate the request, the following information will be needed for each award being transferred:

  • Approval from the appropriate unit leaders as applicable (Chair, Center or School Director, Dean and/or VPRDGS). Please note that not all requests can be approved due to sponsor eligibility requirements or due to the strategic value of the grant to the institution.
  • Relinquishment date (generally, last day at UMaine).
  • Contact Information to the Sponsored Programs Office at the PIs new institution.
  • Anticipated balance to be transferred to the new institution, including any remaining cost share obligations. This is the amount unspent/unencumbered at the relinquishment date. Please note that the PIs should stop all spending on the award as soon as practical in order to facilitate the transfer.

Other Considerations

  • All subawards must be closed out at least 60 days prior to the transfer date. ORA will facilitate the subaward close out process, which includes collection of the final report and invoice.
  • All required final reports will need to be submitted to the sponsor. Examples include final technical progress reports, property or equipment reports, patent/invention reports and financial reports.  ORA will assist in the submission of these reports.
  • The PI must arrange for the new institution to assume any cost-sharing obligations.
  • The PI must coordinate the transition of oversight for all graduate students and postdoctoral fellows supported under the work with their academic units.
  • If any equipment was purchased with award funds and needs to be transferred to the new institution, then the PI must coordinate with ORA and Facilities Management on the transfer.
  • If there are any compliance protocols (IRB, IACUC, rDNA, etc.), then the PI must notify and coordinate any transition requirements with the Office of Research Compliance

Under some award transfers, a portion of the activity may remain at the University under the direction of a new PI.  In these instances, the University relinquishes the award back to the sponsor.  The sponsor will issue an award to the new institution.  The new institution will then issue a subaward back to the University under the direction of a new PI.  The new PI must follow the proposal submission process in order to receive the subaward from the new institution.

Please contact for any questions regarding award transfers to other institutions.