3-Year Assessment Reporting

Programs are expected to be assessing student learning outcomes on an ongoing basis. In order to document and communicate this information, programs report on the work done each year (see Annual Assessment Reporting menu option on left of page). Every 3 years, programs complete a 3-Year Assessment Summary Report, which collects reflections on the results, process, and adjustments to the curriculum resulting from assessment work in that cycle. All program learning outcomes (PLOs) should be assessed within a 3-year cycle, although not all need be assessed every year.

Programs are organized into staggered cohorts for determining when 3-year reports are due. Cohorts are listed in Appendix A of the University of Maine Assessment Plan.

Each program has its own copy of the 3-Year Assessment Summary Report, which are stored as Google Spreadsheets and can be accessed here: Directory of 3-Years Assessment Summary Reports.

Additional details about 3-Year Assessment Summary Report expectations can be found in the Program Assessment at UMaine Handbook or in the Graduate Assessment Reporting Handbook.