School of Nursing Mission and Vision Statement

The University of Maine School of Nursing, as a member of the flagship campus of the University of Maine System, provides leadership to improve health care and advance the discipline through education, scholarship, and service. The members of the School value participation in a broader academic community that fosters excellence, self-reflection, accountability, respect for diversity and life-long learning.

School of Nursing Mission

The mission of The University of Maine School of Nursing is to prepare caring, innovative, professional nurses who are leaders in addressing the evolving health care needs of all people and in advancing the profession of nursing.

School of Nursing Vision

The vision of The University of Maine School of Nursing is to create a passionately engaged community of highly qualified students, educators, and scholars who:

  • prepare professional nurses who personify a culture of care
  • create a learning environment where knowledge is created and shared
  • serves the rapidly-changing health care needs of individuals, families, communities, and society-at-large
  • provide leadership in the advancement of the

UMaine School of Nursing Diversity, Equity & Inclusion statement

The UMaine School of Nursing community views students’ individual identities and values as a strength. Those identities consist of (but are not limited to) many traits and beliefs, such as gender and gender identity/ expression, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity and national identity, political affiliation, age, intellectual and physical ability, socio-economic class, faith and non-faith perspectives, military experience, and other characteristics. We aim to create an atmosphere where all students can learn about, from, and with each other in an equitable, collaborative environment that will encourage mutual respect and courtesy from all diverse backgrounds. A culture of belonging for all includes treating your instructor and all other participants with civility. As members of this community, the SON will provide an open, safe atmosphere for constructive dialogue based on facts of differing perspectives that must be free from harassing statements. If you have an experience that contradicts this commitment to your learning or an issue arises with another individual(s) during the semester, please contact the instructor and/or course coordinator directly, either in-person or via email.

School of Nursing Wellness Room

A dedicated Wellness Room has been established in 202 Dunn Hall for the UMaine School of Nursing. This space will be available to all UMaine Nursing faculty, students, and staff to support the regular practice of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) strategies and offer quiet location to promote peaceful reflection and meditation. To support time for relaxation and stress relief, the SON purchased meditation pillows, yoga mats, aromatherapy essential oils, noise canceling headphones and comfortable seating.

A local certified massage therapist will provide massages in the Fall semester and the Student Success and Wellness Coordinator will work with faculty and students to identify ongoing topics related to wellness and invite subject matter experts to speak throughout the academic year.