Graduation, Pinning, and RN Licensure

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the School of Nursing, students are required to be in good academic standing.

In addition, the following are required to be satisfied before the student can be certified as having completed all requirements and, therefore, eligible to be granted a Bachelor of Science with a major in Nursing:

•       Completion of a minimum of 121 degree hours, with the required grade point average of 3.0 in the major and overall.

•       Satisfactory completion of University and School of Nursing requirements.

Nursing Pinning Ceremony

The School of Nursing hosts a Pinning Ceremony for graduating seniors each May and December. A faculty or staff member will guide in planning the event with the graduating class. The cost of the event is assumed by the graduating senior class (currently $40.00 per student). All students are urged to attend and bring family and friends, to this celebratory event. Although the UMaine School of Nursing pin is available for purchase, this is not required for the “pinning” ceremony.

RN License Application

After verification of successful completion of all requirements and granting a BSN, each student is eligible to apply to the Maine State Board of Nursing (MSBON) to take the NCLEX-RN examination for licensure as a registered nurse. The MSBON application packet is available at the MSBON website. This is an online application. Completion of the NCLEX applications is entirely the responsibility of the student. If graduates wish to take the NCLEX-RN in a state other than Maine, application information is available in the School of Nursing office.

The MSBON may refuse to grant a license on any basis within its jurisdiction, including violation of academic or professional integrity or criminal history records. Other states’ boards of nursing have similar standards. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to follow all applicable requirements for disclosures on the application for licensure.