Early College

Brady Barker stands holding two UMaine Early College completion certificates

Holden student to enter UMaine with 64 Early College credits

“It’s not going to be easy, but it’s going to be worth it.” This is the best advice 17-year-old Brady Barker of Holden has ever received and he stands by it, especially as it applies to his experience in the University of Maine’s Early College program.  Barker started taking Early College classes as a first-year […]

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UMaine Early College expands offerings for high school students

The University of Maine’s Early College program for high school students has expanded its offerings for summer 2022. Introduction to Integrated Science and Career Exploration (INT 188), a three-credit course that involves field- and laboratory-based data collection, data analysis and lectures in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines, will expand to include sections in […]

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UMaine Early College offers new Climate Change Pathway to high school students

University of Maine Early College has partnered with the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture to develop a Climate Change Online Career Pathway. The 15-credit Pathway consists of a set of core courses (nine credits) in geology, economics and English, and six credits of recommended electives. Climate Change joins a portfolio of 30 pathways […]

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PenBay Pilot shares Early College program for high school students

The Penobscot Bay Pilot shared information about a four-week summer college STEM research course for qualified high school students offered by the University of Maine at the Hutchinson Center in Belfast. The course is designed to introduce high school students to higher education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. The course includes lecture […]

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Hands holding small crabs

A summer of fieldwork, data analysis for Early College students

Eva came all the way from California to take the course. Sadie organized her summer job(s) around it. Albert’s parents drove him to and from Bangor to Belfast every day to participate in it. For what? Integrated Science and Research and Career Exploration, also known as INT 188. This summer, seven high school students from across […]

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UMaine, UMaine Machias offering free early college online career pathway program

The University of Maine and its regional campus, the University of Maine at Machias, are offering new online Early College Career Pathways. Designed to introduce high school students to higher education and careers of interest, Early College Career Pathways are typically 15 credits or five courses that allow students to make progress toward a university […]

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Sudderly speaks with WVII about early college program

Kari Sudderly, an Early College Program coordinator at the University of Maine, talked with WVII (Channel 7) about the online Early College Career Pathways program that allows home-schooled and public school students who reside in Maine to take up to 12 college credits a year. More information about the program is online. The Bangor Daily News […]

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News Center advances UMaine’s Early College program

News Center Maine promoted the University of Maine’s Early College pathways online program for high school students. Mark Brewer, a professor of political science, and Patricia Libby, associate dean in the Division of Lifelong Learning, touted the program, noting that early college students have less anxiety about transitioning to college and have proven themselves ready […]

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Media advance new Early College Pathways offerings

The Bangor Daily News, the Sun Journal, Centralmaine.com and WQAD (Channel 8 in Davenport, Iowa) advanced four new Early College Pathways from the University of Maine. The program, designed to introduce high school students to higher education and careers of interest, now offers pathways for child development and family relations, teaching K–12, health and wellness, and outdoor leadership. Students and […]

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