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Grunge cites UMaine Lobster Institute information about lobster feeding

In an article about lobsters using their feet to taste food, Grunge cited information from the University of Maine Lobster Institute explaining that lobsters eat tough seafood like crabs and mussels by using their claws to rip their prey into pieces and break through tough shells and use its limbs to bring the morsel into […]

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Birkel speaks to Sun Journal about 2022 weather highlights

Sean Birkel, Maine state climatologist and assistant professor with a joint appointment in University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the UMaine Climate Change Institute, spoke to the Sun Journal about the weather highlights of 2022. Birkel told the Sun Journal that the last of the winter snowpack melted earlier than usual on March 8, and […]

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Yale Environment 360 notes ASCC biobased house

In an article about the rise of biobased materials, Yale Environment 360 noted that the  University of Maine’s Advanced Structures and Composites Center (ASCC) manufactured 3D-printed house made from a mix of forest byproducts from the state’s numerous sawmills: sawdust, wood flour and a bio-resin whose ingredients have not yet been disclosed. “This material is […]

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A photo of John Bear Mitchell teaching a class

UMaine supports teaching of Wabanaki Studies in K–12 schools 

Last fall, Grace Bermeo was in her last semester as an elementary education major at the University of Maine, doing her student teaching at Portland’s East End Community School. The school was piloting Portland Public Schools’ Wabanaki Studies curriculum, which weaves lessons about the history, culture, language and more of Maine’s original inhabitants — the […]

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MIRTA business development bootcamp at Foster Innovation Center

UMaine’s MIRTA accelerator program selects five teams for 2023 cohort

Five faculty-led innovation teams have been selected to participate in the fifth cohort of the University of Maine’s MIRTA accelerator program. The 2023 projects will develop research innovations in photovoltaic and color changing fabric; utilizing a new technology in catheterization to reduce infection in long-term patients; developing custom-made medical ports for stuffed animals so children […]

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Wahle speaks to AP about impact of changes in lobster regulations

The Associated Press interviewed Rick Wahle, director of the Lobster Institute and professor of marine sciences at the University of Maine, about the impact of the rules about the minimum and maximum sizes of lobsters potentially becoming stricter. Wahle said that changing the U.S. measurement standards gives lobsters more opportunity to reproduce, though the change […]

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Wahle speaks to Maine Public about lobster regulations

Rick Wahle, director of the Lobster Institute and professor of marine sciences at the University of Maine, spoke to Maine Public about the continued challenges facing lobstermen even after the Maine lobster fishery secured a six-year pause in a federal spending bill late last year that will buy the industry more time to research and […]

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