A photo of Dilara Hatinoglu

New model developed for predicting adsorption of PFAS by microplastics

Rivers, lakes and oceans worldwide are home to trillions of pieces of plastic pollution that are smaller than five millimeters in length, known as microplastics, and their size allows them to easily enter humans and animals. Some can adsorb and transport other harmful toxicants that pollute waterways, including certain types of a more recently discovered […]

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Li and Ishaq write article for BDN about seeking study participants

Yanyan Li and Sue Ishaq, researchers in the School of Food and Agriculture at the University of Maine, wrote an article for the Bangor Daily News about looking for healthy adults to participate in a 4-week study to examine the health effects of eating steamed broccoli sprouts. For more information about participating, email or […]

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Media note UMaine role in Northern Forest Center coalition

The Bangor Daily News and Vermont Business Magazine noted that the University of Maine is part of a coalition led by the Northern Forest Center that has been awarded $1 million from the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Regional Innovation Engines program. “This new investment allows taking our key research innovations in precision forestry and ecosystem […]

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A photo of elementary school students writing at desks

Study shows how writing helps young students engage more deeply with civics

Recent results from an assessment known as the “Nation’s Report Card” found scores in U.S. history and civics among eighth graders across the country declined compared to previous assessments. Among students who took part in the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) in 2022, scores in history were the lowest on record while scores in […]

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An aerial photo of the Maine woods

UMaine joins NSF-backed coalition for forestry research, product development in Northern New England 

The University of Maine has partnered with research institutions and community organizations across Northern New England to devise new forest products and management strategies using $1 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF).  The Coalition of Northern Forest Innovation and Research (CONFIR), led by the Northern Forest Center in Concord, New Hampshire, is among the […]

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School of Forest Resources faculty honored by Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District

The Piscataquis County Soil and Water Conservation District named faculty in the University of Maine’s School of Forest Resources Outstanding Conservation Educators of the Year. Nicole Rogers, assistant professor of silviculture; Jay Wason, assistant professor of forest ecosystem physiology; Shawn Fraver, associate professor of forest ecology; Jessica Leahy, Henry W. Saunders Distinguished Professor in Forestry; […]

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Times Record features Nixon’s aquaculture research and business

The Times Record featured Matt Nixon, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maine and owner Muddy River Farm Aquaponics, and his work in designing the world’s first 3D-printed, closed-loop, oyster-farming tank made from sustainable materials, the prototype of which was printed at UMaine. “Muddy River farm is the first company in the state to use […]

Read more notes Bingham involvement in study about magnetic energy strings

In an article about research into magnetic energy strings, noted that Nicholas Bingham, assistant professor in the University of Maine Department of Physics and Astronomy, worked on the bottom-up fabrication of “artificial spin ice” structures made of interacting magnetic nano-islands while at Yale University.

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PNAS ‘Science Sessions Podcast’ features Ortega Jiménez research on springtails

The ”Science Sessions Podcast” interviewed Victor Ortega Jiménez, assistant professor of integrative avian biology and biomechanics at the University of Maine, about his springtail research for a story about biologically-inspired robots. Ortega Jiménez led the project while at Georgia Tech with researchers in the Bhamla Lab and the Koh Lab at Ajou University in South […]

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