New York Times uses UMaine Climate Reanalyzer data for mapping heat waves in Europe

In an article about the heat waves throughout Europe this week, the New York Times used data from Climate Reanalyzer developed by Sean Birkel, Maine state climatologist and a research assistant professor with the University of Maine Climate Change Institute, to map the maximum forecasted temperatures and the temperature difference from the historical mean. Washington […]

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University of Maine researcher serves as expert witness at Congressional hearing on supporting farmers adapting for the future

Rachel Schattman’s testimony about how farmers can mitigate and plan for climate change comes just days after a federal report showed more than half of Maine is currently experiencing moderate drought conditions that may impact this year’s harvest of key crops like wild blueberries. Washington, D.C. — A University of Maine researcher told a Congressional […]

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Media reports on UMaine research about nanocellulose and wild blueberries

The Bangor Daily News, Morning Ag Clips, and News Center Maine reported on a new University of Maine study showing that nanocellulose may help increase the yield from wild blueberry plants when used with liquid fertilizer applied to leaves. Researchers believe the increased production resulted from the nanocellulose reducing the particle size of nutrients […]

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BDN reports on new UMaine wild blueberry research field gifted from Wyman’s

The Bangor Daily News reported on the University of Maine’s new Wyman’s Wild Blueberry Research and Innovation Center, a three-acre research and education site that will be established off University Farm Road in Old Town over the coming year through a gift from Wyman’s Blueberries to the University of Maine Foundation. Wyman’s, which harvests and […]

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BDN features Mortelliti and animal personality research

The Bangor Daily News wrote a profile about Alessio Mortelliti, wildlife biology professor at the University of Maine, and his research into how animal personalities impact forest ecosystems. Mortelliti has a number of other projects he’s working on, including a new statewide project to track larger mammals like lynx, bobcats, fishers and martens using camera […]

Read more interviews Handley about U-pick raspberry farms in Maine

In an article about U-pick raspberry farms, the interviewed David Handley, the vegetable and small fruit specialist at the University of Maine Cooperative Extension. Handley said based on surveys by the Cooperative Extension, around 90% of sales for strawberries and highbush blueberries will be from U-pick, but only around 50% to 60% of sales […]

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