A photo of Salimeh Sekeh

Salimeh Sekeh wants to teach AI how to manage itself

Salimeh Sekeh wants to help humanity — and she sees artificial intelligence as a key way to do that. At the University of Maine, Sekeh is leading research that designs machine learning models and teaches artificial intelligence to essentially improve itself, which will have impactful applications in Maine and beyond. Before Sekeh joined the University […]

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PPH reports on federal funds to UMaine for tick research

The Portland Press Herald reported that the University of Maine will receive $6.2 million in federal funding to research ways to control tick populations, identify emerging tick species and expand public health efforts as Lyme disease cases have reached record-high levels in Maine. Griffin Dill, director of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s Tick Lab, […]

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A close up image of a wild turkey

UMaine, MDIFW researchers developing new tools for wild turkey management

Researchers from the University of Maine and Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife are working together to develop new resources that will support current and future management strategies for wild turkey populations in the state.  Scientists from UMaine and MDIFW recently developed an integrated population model for estimating wild turkey abundance at the regional […]

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A photo of soil and crushed lobster shells

UMaine researchers testing lobster shells to thwart potato soil pathogens

Scientists at the University of Maine are evaluating if lobster shells can cultivate beneficial microbial communities that ward off soilborne potato pathogens. The novel shell-to-spud combination may connect two cornerstones of Maine’s food system and enhance the state’s circular economy.  Potatoes are Maine’s top agricultural commodity with a value of more than $215 million in […]

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News Center Maine features Birkel research about manufactured homes

News Center Maine featured Sean Birkel, research assistant professor of the Climate Change Institute, and his research with the University of Vermont and University of New Hampshire about the climate resilience of manufactured homes. “The whole basin, and also [the] Gulf of Maine, last year and this year, are the two warmest years on record. […]

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Evolution News shares UMaine loon research

In an article about migrating birds, Evolution News cited research from the University of Maine that outfitted red-throated loons with satellite transmitters and monitored their routes. The results showed epic journeys through Greenland, Canada and the Arctic.

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