Andie Lovejoy: Go-getter buoyed by lifelong love of business

Andie Lovejoy’s passion for business began with a lobster fishing license.

Lobster fishing was a common activity in Lovejoy’s hometown in Down East Maine. Her grandfather owns a bait company and at just 8 years old, he bought Lovejoy and her cousin lobster fishing licenses so they could all fish together.  

“That has to be the most influential part of my life, growing up in a business family and being out on a boat being told ‘Go for it.’ Because there is so much responsibility and hard work that goes into that,” said Lovejoy.

Her experiences with the family business fueled an entrepreneurial spirit she hoped to grow through studying at the Maine Business School. However, getting used to a college environment can be challenging. For Lovejoy, the transition to life at UMaine was relatively seamless. 

While most first-year students ease into their first semester of college, Lovejoy sprinted. 

In her first semester, she obtained an internship with UMaine Athletics creating statistics, graphics and promotional work. She joined the American Marketing Association in her first semester and was recently elected vice president. 

Before coming to UMaine, Lovejoy maintained a busy schedule as a high school student, competing in three sports and pageants throughout her teenage years. 

“I was always switching from one thing to another,” she said, “running from one event to the next. So for me, that became more of a comfort. I know a lot of people find relaxing or being by themselves more comfortable, but I need to always stay moving.” 

With a supportive community surrounding her, Lovejoy felt prepared to take on whatever challenges came her way. 

“I feel so at ease and peaceful here. I think it’s because of how strong of a community there is here,” said Lovejoy. “It reminds me so much of home here because everyone is so connected. And the network is just beautiful. As soon as you know one person, it feels like you know everyone.”

After being elected vice president of the American Marketing Association, Lovejoy began rebuilding the student organization. Currently, the group’s goals are to help members advance their marketing skills and gain leadership experience by connecting with fellow Maine Business School students and other organizations on campus. 

Lovejoy remembers jumping right in during one of her first shifts with UMaine Athletics. With a group of fellow marketing students watching over her, Lovejoy put on the headset and got to work, working promotions like a professional. 

“Take the opportunities that find you. That’s what I did myself, and no matter how busy I get, not once do I regret trying to chase everything that I have ever wanted to do,” said Lovejoy. “Don’t second-guess yourself. Jump in, because then you’ll get the sort of comfort that feels like you can do it. I like to just go ahead and then look back and take it all in.”

Story by news intern Wes Brinegar

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