Media highlight R&D for new foods made from squid fins

The Boston Globe, Spectrum News, WABI (Channel 5), WVII (Channel 7) and the Bangor Daily News highlighted a new collaborative project between Rhode Island-based seafood company The Town Dock and the University of Maine to devise new frozen food products that can be created from squid fins. Squid has become a popular menu item in many seafood restaurants across North America, but only around half of every squid is used for culinary purposes. This project, which aims to reduce waste and open new markets, is being supported by $229,376 from the NOAA Fisheries Saltonstall-Kennedy Competitive Grants Program. WIBW (Channel 13 in Topeka, Kansas), WLOX (Channel 13 in Biloxi, Mississippi), WCAX (Channel 3 in South Burlington, Vermont), WBRC (Channel 6 in Birmingham, Alabama) and KCWH (Channel 12 in Wichita, Kansas) shared the WABI report.