Jane Blanchard: Navigating a corporate environment at Unum

Interning at Unum gave Jane Blanchard of Hallowell, Maine first-hand experience in navigating a new type of workplace: the corporate environment. 

Blanchard, a junior studying marketing and management at the Maine Business School, says that when she started her internship at the company, she had “quite the culture shock at first.” As she worked there, however, she grew more comfortable by learning the communication skills, values and structural considerations one needs to be a successful corporate employee.   

“I learned so much about teamwork, the importance of effective communication and prioritization,” she says. “At Unum, I often had competing priorities, which taught me how to prioritize tasks and communicate with management about my responsibilities.”

Read the full story about Blanchard’s internship experience on the Maine Business School website.  

Contact: Melanie Brooks, melanie.brooks@maine.edu