UMaine Extension offers in-depth horticulture and gardening training

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension is offering two in-depth horticulture training workshops for Mainers interested in horticulture career opportunities or elevating their gardening skills.  

The two programs, “Maine Horticulture Apprentice Training” and “Maine Gardener Training,” will teach foundational knowledge and skills, offer hands-on experience through practical exercises and provide an opportunity to learn from experienced horticulture industry leaders.

The “Maine Horticulture Apprentice Training” program offers a comprehensive curriculum suitable for skilled entry-level positions in the horticulture industry. The program, now open for registration, will be held from 6-7:30 p.m. on Tuesdays from Oct. 30 to Dec. 17 and from Jan. 8 to March 14. The three-part program includes online self-paced learning modules, live virtual sessions with horticultural experts from across the state and a 200-hour apprenticeship. Participants should plan to spend approximately 4-5 hours per week on additional coursework like reading, videos and activities. 

Successful completion of the program qualifies participants to receive the Maine Horticulture Apprentice Training micro-credential and the title of Maine Horticulture Apprentice. Backed by the University of Maine System, the micro-credential verifies to potential employers that the credential holder successfully completed high-quality, rigorous training. It also demonstrates that the individual mastered the skills necessary to be a horticulture industry employee. Certification is available upon completion of all three required course sections..

The Maine Gardener Training program is designed to supply learners with a foundation in horticulture education and skills for use in personal gardens. The workshop is recommended for those who would like access to in-depth training without any volunteer or apprenticeship requirement. Registration will open Oct. 10. 

A stable internet connection and registration is required. Space is limited. For exact course fees, schedules and registration information, visit the Maine Horticulture Apprentice Training webpage and the Maine Gardener Training webpage.

For additional details or to request a reasonable accommodation, contact Rebecca Long,; 207.743.6329; email or call 207.581.3188.