PenBay Pilot quotes Steneck, Jekielek in Hurricane Island center story

In a story about the ribbon cutting ceremony for the Hurricane Island Center for Science and Leadership, Maine’s newest field research station, the Penobscot Bay Pilot quoted Robert Steneck, professor with the University of Maine School of Marine Sciences, and UMaine doctorate candidate and the center’s lead scientist Phoebe Jekielek. “What I’m seeing now through the state of Maine and throughout the world is the rise of aquaculture, which has all these new questions that arise from it and we’ve got to have the science to know what’s going on and that’s why I’m so passionately in favor of this program,” Steneck said. “We have a 3.2 acre aquaculture site where we mostly grow scallops but we have oysters growing and we have kelp. It is one of the only experimental research leases along the coast of Maine,” Jekielek said.