Simply Recipes quotes Calderwood, McCarty about storing blueberries

Simply Recipes spoke to Kate McCarty, food systems professional at University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and Lily Calderwood, Extension wild blueberry specialist and assistant professor of horticulture, about best practices for storing blueberries. Calderwood explained the blueberries should not be washed before storing because they are covered in a waxy coating called ‘bloom,’ which fresh pack and fresh frozen growers preserve to prevent the fruit from rotting. McCarty said that blueberries can also be frozen. “Sometimes I just stick the whole flat in the freezer when they are in abundance in August but I don’t actually recommend that! Instead, measure the berries into portions you’ll use, like one cup for your favorite loaf cake or one pound for your favorite pie,” McCarty said. Yahoo! News and MSN shared the Simply Recipes article.