McCarty, Savoie featured in Portland Monthly article about wild beach plums

Kate McCarty, food system professional with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and Kathy Savoie, Extension educator, were quoted in the July/August issue of Portland Monthly about foraging for wild beach plums to use the home kitchen. “The best time to pick beach plums in Maine is August to September. You tell when they’re ripe based on the color. Depending on the variety, they’re either reddish or plum-colored, not green,” McCarty said. McCarty also noted that it is important to make sure you’re picking plums in an area that hasn’t been affected by environmental contaminants, especially in urban areas, and to wash the fruit well before preparing them. When making wild beach plum jam, McCarty recommended using Pomona’s Universal Pectin along with maple syrup or local honey to make a less sugary final product.