UMaine Extension offers facts, recipes for strawberries, peas, leafy greens 

Freezing berries in season and making low-sugar homemade jams and jellies are some of the ways to increase access to a year-round supply of local foods, cut back on sugar and reduce grocery bills. 

University of Maine Cooperative Extension educator Kathy Savoie demonstrates techniques for freezing strawberries in an easy-to-follow video, and how to reduce the sugar content when making strawberry jam in this short video.

UMaine Extension is also offering upcoming food preservation workshops, in person or by webinar, to coincide with the arrival of Maine’s seasonal foods, along with the monthly Spoonful Blog featuring recipes and bite-sized food and nutrition information.

Extension publications can provide ways to find, grow, use and store in-season fruits and vegetables, including how to preserve these June favorites.

Updated information, and publications to download or order, are available on the Extension website, or by contacting 207.581.3188, 800.287.0274 (in Maine);