BDN, WCAX report on UVM, UMaine study concluding that Mainers’ health worsened during pandemic

The Bangor Daily News and WCAX (Channel 3 in Burlington, Vermont) reported on a University of Vermont-led study involving University of Maine researchers that found that the mental and physical health among people in Maine and Vermont worsened during the COVID-19 pandemic. “Hopefully, we can take the data that we have and use it to design policies that are automatic, and policies that are easy to use and that are accessible with no stigma,” said Jonathan Malacarne, an assistant professor of agricultural economics at UMaine who co-authored the study. “So that when things happen — because things will always continue to happen — people can rely on them and it’s already built into their strategy.” Vermont Business Magazine and Medical Xpress shared the UVM news release about the study. Spectrum News also highlighted the study in a segment about StrengthenME, a new state program designed to provide Mainers mental health services for stress related to the COVID-19 pandemic.