Science Friday features UMaine researchers in wild blueberry program

Science Friday, a science news and education program show, featured two University of Maine researchers in a new video segment about wild blueberries. 

Rafa Tasnim, a Ph.D. student in ecology and environmental sciences at UMaine, and Lily Calderwood, an assistant professor of horticulture with the UMaine School of Food and Agriculture and a wild blueberry specialist with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, shared facts about Maine’s second largest crop, discussed their research and spoke of the threats posed by climate change. 

The program also highlighted Blueberry Hill Farm, a research farm managed by the College of Natural Sciences, Forestry, and Agriculture. It serves as the only university-based wild blueberry research facility in the nation.  

Science Friday published the video on its website and Youtube page. It is expected to air on Maine Public, which helped film the program, in the future.