New UMaine Extension video series goes from farm to table fare

University of Maine Cooperative Extension has a new video series designed for the at-home cook who wants to learn more about preparing and cooking locally sourced meat.

From Farm to Table Fare” is a seven-video series featuring topics such as preparing market and boneless cuts from a whole chicken, selecting and grinding cuts of beef, and using prepared beef and chicken in recipes, such as chicken leg enchiladas and homemade smash burgers. 

Colt Knight, a UMaine Extension assistant professor and state livestock specialist, and Rob Dumas, food science innovation coordinator and facility manager for the University of Maine School of Food and Agriculture and a certified executive chef, demonstrate and discuss techniques in each video.

UMaine Extension helps support, sustain and grow the food-based economy statewide. Extension is the only entity involved with every aspect of the Maine Food System where policy, research, production, processing, commerce, nutrition and food security and safety intersect.