Bouchard, Brady speak to WABI about new partnership to help salmon, oyster aquaculture succeed

WABI (Channel 5) interviewed Deborah Bouchard, director of the University of Maine Aquaculture Research Institute, and Damian Brady, an associate professor of marine sciences at UMaine, about a new partnership to ensure salmon and oyster aquaculture in the U.S. succeeds. UMaine, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research Service and Auburn University in Alabama teamed up to create an Aquaculture Experiment Station to increase sustainable production and industry stability and tackle issues the industry faces. “This really is a new system that we’re going to pilot in the state of Maine and hopefully it will be a national program to help the aquaculture industry address problems as they arise. So, it’s really about being responsive to those problems within the industries,” said Brady. “It also affords (us) the opportunity to be proactive as well and to develop new and emerging technologies for these industries,” said Bouchard. The Ellsworth American also highlighted the new partnership and resulting Aquaculture Experiment Station.