Media report on blueberry health benefit research

Morning Ag Clips posted a media release about University of Maine scientists working to identify concentrations of specific wild blueberry polyphenols — bioactive compounds that naturally occur in certain plants — that influence cell migration, angiogenesis and inflammation, as well as how they can be applied in clinical settings. The findings advance professor Dorothy Klimis-Zacas’ project to develop and commercialize a therapy to enhance wound healing and tissue regeneration in difficult-to-treat injuries for patients with poor circulation. The biomedical research team also is examining the potential of wild blueberry polyphenols to reduce inflammation, which is associated with widespread chronic diseases. “The wild blueberry, it’s an indigenous product of Maine,” Klimis-Zacas told WABI (Channel 5). She added the product will be all-natural, affordable and not have side effects. News Center Maine and WAGM (Presque Isle) also reported this story.