Extension updates hay directory, recommends sourcing winter feed now

Hay and forage producers in Maine have experienced major swings in weather the past two years. Excessive rain delayed harvests last season, which reduced quality. And this year excessively dry conditions in some parts of the state are reducing yields for second and third cuttings. 

University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s hay and straw directory, in which sellers list and buyers locate feed resources for livestock, is being updated with feed resources available for the 2020 harvest. 

Growers can visit the site to update or add their available products. Information about forage quality testing and feed budgeting also is available. 

“Livestock producers who purchase hay should line up sources of feed now to ensure an adequate supply of quality feed for the winter,” says UMaine Extension professor Rick Kersbergen.

For more information about feed resources or listing products for sale, contact Kersbergen, richard.kersbergen@maine.edu, 207.342.5971.