‘The Maine Question’: What can we learn from UMS experts about coronavirus? 

How does the University of Maine System stay up to date with breaking COVID-19 developments involving testing, treatments, transmission mitigation, contact tracing and vaccine development?

It turns to its experts on the UMS Scientific Advisory Board.

Chancellor Dannel Malloy created the six-member board chaired by UMaine President Joan Ferrini-Mundy.

She is joined by Melissa Maginnis, UMaine assistant professor of microbiology; Kristy Townsend, UMaine associate professor of neurobiology; Caitlin Howell, UMaine assistant professor of biomedical engineering; Robert Wheeler, UMaine associate professor of microbiology; and Sara Huston, University of Southern Maine associate research professor and chronic disease epidemiologist.

Listen to the final episode of the second season of “The Maine Question” to learn more about the coronavirus that, as of June 26, had reportedly caused 487,292 deaths worldwide.

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