The Conversation publishes article co-authored by Ishaq about city composting 

The Conversation published an article about city composting written by Sue Ishaq, assistant professor of animal and veterinary sciences at the University of Maine; Kristen DeAngelis, associate professor of microbiology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst; and Gwynne Mhuireach, postdoctoral research fellow of biology and the built environment at the University of Oregon. The piece is titled “City compost programs turn garbage into ‘black gold’ that boosts food security and social justice.” The rising popularity of home gardening has highlighted the importance of using compost, as it can improve soil health. “Large-scale municipal composting is a public resource that can reduce food waste, cut greenhouse gas emissions and promote better stewardship of our most valuable natural resource: soil,” Ishaq and her co-authors wrote. The Telegraph, the Times Union and Next City shared The Conversation article.