Waring talks with AMC Outdoors Magazine 

AMC Outdoors Magazine interviewed Tim Waring about environmental benefits that have resulted from grounded flights, shuttered factories and other efforts to contain the coronavirus. “In the U.S., I expect most of the gains in terms of the environment will be quickly reversed [as the economy reopens]. Understanding that is important,” says Waring, an associate professor of social-ecological systems modeling. “In short term, people want their normal lives back, and normal lives depend on the fossil fuel economy.” Waring’s research indicates that a crisis like this pandemic can change societies and institutions, making people more cooperative, which may lead to longer-term positive change. “If we did this by accident, then maybe we can do this intentionally,” he says in the article. “Maybe we can use the COVID pandemic as an opportunity to avoid returning to business as usual. What if we did this in a careful, considered way?”