BDN interviews Dill about rise in Tick Lab testing

The Bangor Daily News interviewed Griffin Dill, an integrated pest management professional who manages University of Maine Cooperative Extension Tick Lab, about the increase in tick testings from the previous year. The lab so far has received 780 ticks for testing, Dill said, a number the lab usually does not reach until June 10. The increase in outdoor activity due to the coronavirus outbreak could be influencing the rise in tick testing, but Dill said it was too early to make a definitive conclusion. Warm spells during the winter could have spurred more tick activity, resulting in more tests. Dill said there are also more deer ticks. “We noticed a really significant number of people who submitted ticks so far this year have not taken any personal protection,” he said. “So we’re just trying to get out there the importance of using repellents and covering up, creating a barrier of clothing.”  News Center Maine, Q106.5 and WGME (Channel 13) also reported on the increase in tick testings. Fox News highlighted the increase in tick testing and the BDN article about it, and the Piscataquis Observer shared the BDN article.