Media share Extension’s announcement for community garden guidelines 

Morning Ag Clips, Boothbay Register, Turner Publishing and shared a news release about University of Maine Cooperative Extension’s guidelines for community gardens during the COVID-19 outbreak based on CDC recommendations. Community Garden Guidelines in the Time of Social Distancing includes recommendations for at-risk individuals, how to support social distancing, manage the numbers of gardeners, and suggested changes for garden operations and routine maintenance during the growing season. For more information call 207.581.3188, 800.287.0274 (in Maine); or email extension@maine.eduWABI (Channel 5) spoke to Pamela Hargest, a horticulture professional with UMaine Extension, about the guidelines. “Thinking about where we can minimize risk and that really starts with evaluating who is working in the gardens this season,” she said. “So, maybe someone could otherwise afford to purchase fresh produce from a local farm maybe they could take the season off. So we can reduce the amount of people that are going in and out of that community garden.”