Media speak with Kersbergen about helping dairy farmers during pandemic

The Morning Sentinel spoke with Richard Kersbergen, extension professor with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, about ways to help dairy farmers during the pandemic. UMaine Extension and the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association are in search of short-term workers, especially those with milking experience, to help small dairy farmers in the event that farmers running smaller scale operations without backup get sick with COVID-19. “This is for small dairy farmers that are one or two person operations. If those people get sick, someone needs to step in to take over the operations. Dairy farming doesn’t just stop,” said Kersbergen. The UMaine Extension Waldo County Office will collect names and contact information of interested workers and share them with dairy farmers who request assistance, the BDN reported. “Cows need to be milked at least twice a day,” Kersbergen said. “They need to be fed. Things happen on the farm all the time. Dairy is the kind of business that can’t shut down. It’s a 24-hour job.” For information or to participate, call 207.342.5971. News Center Maine also interviewed Kersbergen about helping dairy farmers.