‘ASA Footnotes’ publishes Blackstone’s ‘Sexual Harassment in Academia and Beyond’ piece

Amy Blackstone’s article “Sexual Harassment in Academia and Beyond: Causes, Consequences, and Change” was published in the September/October 2019 issue of ASA Footnotes. Blackstone writes that “knowledge from decades of sociological research helps us understand — and change — the reality of sexual harassment in academic workplaces and beyond.” Allies have an important role to play, says Blackstone. So too, do department chairs and directors. They can promote a healthy and productive culture — for faculty, staff, and students. Blackstone says organizations must regularly their share clear policies. They also must protect those who report harassing behavior from retaliation and job loss, she says. And because harassment is more prevalent in organizations where more men than women are employed, Blackstone says more should be done to encourage institutions and departments to recruit and retain gender minority faculty. “Sexual harassment will not go away without large-scale organizational and cultural change, but there are actions that individuals, administrators, and institutions can take to move the needle toward such change,” she writes.