Weiskittel quoted in Undark article about trees, climate change

Aaron Weiskittel, a professor of forest biometrics and modeling and director of the Center for Research on Sustainable Forests at the University of Maine, was quoted in the Undark article “Are We Overestimating How Much Trees Will Help Fight Climate Change?” Trees play an important role in helping offset global warming by storing carbon from atmospheric carbon dioxide in their wood, leaves and roots, the article states. But recent research has found that internal decay can significantly reduce the amount of carbon stored within trees, according to Undark. Other factors influencing how much carbon a tree can store include forest growth rates; overall tree health and age; the impact of harvesting and other kinds of losses, including disease; and a tree’s architecture and height. “I think they’re making a good point that we’re probably overestimating” carbon storage levels, Weiskittel said of the researchers. Quartz published the Undark article.