Moran speaks with Kennebec Journal about start of apple-picking season

Renae Moran, an associate professor of pomology at the University of Maine and a fruit tree specialist with UMaine Cooperative Extension, was quoted in the Kennebec Journal article “Apple-picking season begins — ready or not.” As orchards around Maine marked the start of the apple-picking season, experts said crops may need some time to catch up, the article states. Moran said this year’s crop looks good, despite the prediction it will be “less than average.” She said a cold spring hampered pollination, which delayed ripening of the fruit by about 10 days. “It was cold when the trees were in bloom,” she said. Domestic beehives were not as active because of the chill, and wild pollinators had to carry more of the load than usual, according to the article. Based on forecasts, Moran said, there are no weather events on the horizon that could stop apple season abruptly, and cold weather should hold off long enough for orchard owners to get all of their apples picked by mid-October. The Portland Press Herald and Sun Journal carried the KJ article.