Ph.D. candidate, UMaine Extension cited in Franklin Journal article on Maine pollinators 

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension and data provided by a UMaine Ph.D. candidate were mentioned in The Franklin Journal article, “Maine pollinators need more flowers.” Maine is home to 278 native species of pollinators, the article states. By some estimates, up to 40 percent of invertebrates including pollinators are at risk, according to Eric Venturini, a pollinator conservationist. “Populations of the yellow-banded bumblebee crashed hard in New England around 2009, 2010 and 2011,” Venturini said. “But starting in 2013 we began to see it rebound. Today, a Ph.D. candidate studying bumblebees at the University of Maine, Kalyn Bickerman, estimates that yellow-banded bumblebees make up about 5 percent of the relative abundance of Maine’s 17 bumblebee species.” The Xerces Society, UMaine Extension and NRCS Maine have created a program for Maine growers to address red flag issues to pollinators and use practices to increase their habitat. The goal is to incorporate 7,600 acres of cropland in New England to pollinator–friendly practices, according to the report.