Media speaks with Dill about theory of ticks as biological weapons

News Center Maine spoke with Griffin Dill, an integrated pest management professional and director of the Tick Lab with University of Maine Cooperative Extension, for a report on the theory that the government could have used ticks as a biological weapon to spread Lyme disease. “The theory being that Lyme disease was one of those bioweapons and that they were doing all this testing on ticks in the New York and Connecticut area, and that somehow the ticks were released into the environment and that’s what triggered the whole modern Lyme epidemic,” said Dill. According to Dill, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease has been around for tens of thousands of years, and dealing with the disease now is more of a priority than discerning its origin. “It’s certainly not a new issue. It wasn’t necessarily created in a government lab. So, it’s something that’s been present here for many years, continues to be present, and is a problem now,” he said.  Dill also talked with WABI (Channel 5) about the topic.