Liam Flynn: Earth and climate sciences student maps geology in Pyrenees

Liam Flynn of Raymond, Maine is taking a field geology course this summer — in the Pyrenees. 

Flynn, who just finished his third year as an Earth and climate sciences major, is learning geologic mapping at the field camp. 

“I am passionate about learning about the Earth’s interactions and how we can use that knowledge to understand natural disasters and climate change in a modern context,” he says. “Ultimately, I find the science fascinating and the applications can help people and our understanding of the planet we live on.”

Flynn says the experience is very hands-on and involves locating important rock units, making interpretations, drawing maps and writing papers to bring together all the different aspects of the fieldwork into a cohesive product. 

“It’s a lot of self-guided exploration and direct application of things learned in the classroom,” he says. 

When not in the field, Flynn enjoys exploring Aínsa, the medieval Spanish town he’s staying in, swimming in the nearby river, walking on trails and trying out local places to eat. 

“A great memorable experience so far was unwinding after a long day of geologic mapping by going to an all-night Spanish music festival in the 11th century castle of Aínsa,” he says. 

“My favorite thing about UMaine is that I was able to find a small and close-knit major with an incredible roster of professors, plenty of undergrad research opportunities, and a welcoming and supportive community within the department.”

Contact: Cleo Barker, 207.581.3729