UMaine Extension offers new mobile-friendly, interactive plant identification form

Since its inception, University of Maine Cooperative Extension has provided free plant identification for anyone with an interest in Maine flora.

The newest development in this service is an online mobile-friendly, interactive Plant Identification Submission Form.

The form allows users to enter plant information and upload photos from their computer or mobile device, and submit it to UMaine Extension ornamental horticulture specialist Matthew Wallhead.

Plant identification is particularly relevant for farmers, landscape horticulturists, nursery managers and gardeners seeking to identify varieties of crops, weeds, native plants or ornamentals.

While UMaine Extension can still receive plant samples for identification in any of its 16 county offices around the state, people also can submit specimens by emailing digital photos with descriptive information, such as whether it is woody or herbaceous, the plant’s size and location, when the photo was taken, etc.

After asking any follow-up questions, UMaine Extension experts can share information about the plant, which may include how to manage the invasive weed, cultivate the crop or tend to the ornamental shrub.

The development of this new form will be another way to use UMaine Extension as a resource for plant identification, particularly for ornamental plants.