3D computer modeling simulates impacts, depicts most efficient arrangement for tidal turbines

 A unique computer model developed by University of Maine researcher Lauren Ross can aid energy-producers and decision-makers implementing tidal turbine farms in estuaries.

The model simulates the impact and benefits of the geographic location of tidal turbine farms and the most efficient way to arrange them, allowing energy-producers to save in testing and planning costs.

Ross, an assistant professor of civil and environmental engineering, gained knowledge of tidal turbines in estuary systems in the Southwest coast of France. The model offers valuable data showing the effects of placing power-generating turbines in waterways that experience tides. It has positive implications for local and national companies moving to expand the market for clean energy.

“With the current state of our climate, we need to focus our methods for generating electricity away from fossil fuels,” says Ross. “I think tidal energy is one of the most promising ways we can do that in the future.”

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